Hi, I'm Brian :)

I am a UX/UI Designer and Industrial Designer with a special focus on related disciplines. Passionate about solving problems to make users' lives easier, I enjoy innovation and user-centered design.

With a passion for creating impactful user experiences, I am committed to continually improving my skills and knowledge in this field. My experience includes hands-on work in various UX/UI projects.


Wizeline Academy

Online Learning Platform UX & UI Designer

The Wizeline Academy platform elevates the online learning experience by providing high-quality educational content, live interactions, and tools to effectively track student progress.

Personal Brand

Brian D. Santiago Identity Graphic Design

I created this brand book to showcase my UX/UI design brand. It includes my brandmark, color palette, typography, and usage guidelines, reflecting my Bauhaus-inspired philosophy and commitment to user-centric design.


HydroKey: Water Bracelet & Display Product Design

We designed a bracelet to promote water conservation in beach hotels. It measures room-specific water consumption and serves as a key for hotel services. Guests can view their water usage by placing the bracelet on a reader at designated touchpoints.

Arm Mate

Home Treatment for Better Mobility Product Design

Arm Mate tackles healthcare challenges with early rehabilitation for patients with neurological or mobility impairments. This home-based solution offers personalized routines, enabling ongoing care and improving outcomes.

E-Signature & PDF Company

Release Notes Revamp • UX & UI Designer

I've revamped the release notes for an e-signature & PDF company, creating a clean, intuitive design that enhances readability and accessibility. Improved navigation ensures users stay easily updated on the latest features and changes for a seamless, engaging experience.


Lading Page Creation • UX & UI Designer

For the Clave'29 project, I designed and developed a simple, yet effective landing page for a dark kitchen specializing in hamburgers. My role as the UX & UI Designer involved creating a visually appealing and user-friendly interface that highlighted the unique offerings of the dark kitchen, resulting in an engaging and seamless user experience.